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A Gift We Can Afford to Refuse
Open Letter against the National Museum’s Collaboration with the Fredriksen Family Art Company

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Almost five years ago, on 19 June 2017, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, a public and state-funded Norwegian institution, signed an ‘art collaboration and loan agreement’ with the Fredriksen Family Art Company Limited, domiciled in Cyprus. For this public-private partnership, ‘the most extensive partnership in the new National Museum’, the Fredriksen Family Art Company say they wish to ‘make a major contribution to Norwegian society by assisting in providing world-class works of art for the new National Museum which will help attract international recognition.’


Why, as it is about to open in 2022, is a national public museum so eager to abdicate its authority and credibility to extreme private wealth? Should the holy grail of ‘international recognition’ be pursued at any cost? Shouldn’t the trust of its ultimate owners, the public, trump the gain from transactional partnerships? Beyond money, what does the Fredriksen Family Art Company have to offer a national museum of art? What kind of connoisseurship or expertise? What pulse do they have their fingers on?


John Fredriksen renounced his Norwegian citizenship for tax reasons in 2006, and has accumulated wealth with unethical deals few others would want to touch. The history of his business dealings reads like a who’s-who of violent autocrats, from Ayatollah Komeni during the Iran–Iraq war and Myanmar’s military junta to guerillas and unelected officials in civil war-torn Yemen (1). Their most lucrative partnership has recently been with Putin's authoritarian and colonial regime. John Fredriksen received Russia’s ‘Order of Friendship’ in 2015, for drilling a major oil field. The same year Crimea was invaded and annexed by Russia. Even otherwise ethically dubious ExxonMobil pulled out, in line with international sanctions, while Fredriksen’s Seadrill continued their work with the rogue state (2). The sisters Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen, who co-developed the agreement with the National Museum, have together and separately sat on the boards of their fathers companies such as Seadrill, Golar LNG, Golden Ocean Group and Frontline Ltd (3).


It is hard to describe the Fredriksens’ deal with the museum as anything other than artwashing – a way to sanitise and legitimise business strategies at the limits of legality, and most definitely crossing the limits of what the Norwegian public and the international community would consider ethical. Moreover, the deal is beneficial to the Fredriksens also in strictly financial terms. How can the value of free storage for their collection be calculated? Or the value increase that exposure in the National Museum brings? 


Relationships between cultural institutions and problematic donors and sponsors have been a topic of international debate for decades. Recently, The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Art in Oslo has stopped its relationship to Sweden’s Lundin Oil company, another abusive agent in the hydrocarbon sector. The recent court sentence against the Sackler family – who profited from the highly addictive painkiller Oxycontin – led the Metropolitan Museum and the Dia Art Foundation in New York to renounce their sponsorship. The Sackler name is now as toxic as their drugs, and it was already removed from the façade of the Serpentine Gallery in London.


In this international context, it is striking that the National Museum of Norway so willingly embraces controversial sponsors like the Fredriksens. It is as if Norway isn’t fully capable of paying for its own National Museum itself – so that we, as visitors, may all take pride in a public commitment and contribution to art rather than being reminded that the works on display are ‘kindly loaned’ to us by one wealthy family?


The key asset of any museum is not its funding, nor even its collection, but its professional integrity. The International Council of Museums (ICOM) states in point 1.10 of its Code of Ethics, adopted in 1986: ‘Regardless of funding source, museums should maintain control of the content and integrity of their programmes, exhibitions and activities. Income-generating activities should not compromise the standards of the institution or its public.’ Only if it is run in accordance with internationally agreed ethical norms can the National Museum fulfil its stated objectives: ‘Make art accessible to each and everyone. Reflect the society and the time in which we live.’ 


The Norwegian section of ICOM and The Norwegian Museum Association have both voiced concerns about the agreement between the museum and the Fredriksen Family Art Company. We share these concerns. Not only will the ownership of the Fredriksen Collection rest firmly with the family while the museum obliges itself to store, maintain and continuously present it. Although contributing funding to maintaining the museum’s curatorial expertise, the family will also retain control over acquisitions, loans, publicity and other processes relating to this collection. The internal functioning and integrity of the museum is compromised by sticking to an agreement which, in addition, gives the family continuous control over the conceptualisation and communication of the works it contains (4). A similar integrity deficit is created for the museum by two additional collaboration projects, the Fredriksen Commission and Fredriksen Research, outlined in an addendum to the collaboration agreement dated 4 June 2019.


Many questions arise from all this, but where perhaps the most urgent one today is: how can the National Museum continue its collaboration with the Fredriksens and still hope to be true to its own stated solidarity with ‘Ukrainian artists, designers, architects, museums and all Ukrainians and others affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine’? (5) We call on the museum to hear the plea of our Ukrainian colleagues to ‘use all our impact in order to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine’. That President Zelensky addressed the Venice Biennial this year, in between his regular speeches to national assemblies of the democratic world, shows the political importance of the cultural sector in general and of the contemporary art world in particular.


We, the undersigned artists and art professionals from Norway and abroad, call on the National Museum to terminate its partnership with the Fredriksen Family Art Company Limited for the reasons specified here, in the light of current circumstances as well as the long-term fate of our public institutions.

We find that things must be called by their right names. Inequality is inequality. Oligarchs are oligarchs. Artwashing is artwashing. Compromised integrity is compromised integrity. 


We wish to draw attention to this hypocrisy and short-sightedness, which we feel is neither in the national interest of Norway, nor in line with international solidarity with the victims of the horrific and ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

We ask the current Minister of Culture, Anette Trettebergstuen of the Labour Party, to publicly evaluate the collaboration between the National Museum and the Fredriksen Family Art Company Limited and for the museum to make use of clause 8.1b of the agreement – which states that the deal may ‘be terminated by either Party without cause’ (6).

This is a ‘gift’ we, as a society, can afford to refuse. What are the costs if we don’t? And who will have to pay them?



Kajsa Dahlberg, Artist / PhD research fellow

Sille Storihle, Artist / Assistant Professor

Nikhil Vettukattil, Artist

Knut Åsdam, Artist, Filmmaker / Professor

505 signatures in total

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Norsk Billedhoggerforening

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Centralbanken, Artist run space

Anders Kreuger, Director, Kunsthalle Kohta

Steffen Håndlykken, Chair, UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists’ Society)

Marianne Heier, Artist

Elise Storsveen, Artist

Ida Madsen Følling, Artist

Marte Aas, Artist

Lesia Vasylchenko, Artist / Curator

Ane Hjort Guttu, Artist / Professor, KHiO

Kenneth Varpe, Artist

Leif Magne Tangen, Director, Tromsø Kunstforening

Pedro Gomez-Egana, Artist / Professor, KHiO

Liv Bugge, Artist / Associate professor, KHiO

Louis Schou-Hansen, Artist

Dora García, Artist / Professor, KHiO

Simon Harvey, University Lecturer

Damla Kilickiran, Artist 

Hanan Benammar, Artist

Karolin Tampere, Curator / Artist

Emilija Škarnulytė, Artist

Saskia Holmkvist, Artist / Professor, KHiO

Eline McGeorge, Artist

Anne Cecilie Lie, Artist

Unni Gjertsen, Artist

Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel, Artist

Jiska Huizing, Artist

Anna Ihle, Artist

Jonas Dahlberg, Artist / Professor, Royal Institute of Art Stockholm 

Eline Mugaas, Artist

Andrea Galiazzo, Artist

Drew Snyder, Art historian / Curator

Elina Waage Mikalsen, Artist

Magnus Holmen, Artist / Filmmaker

Kim Laybourn, Artist

Marit Paasche, Independent writer / Curator 

Olga Nikonova, Artist

Jérémie McGowan, Museum Punk

Per-Oskar Leu, Artist

Martin White, Artist

Cédric Fauq, Chief curator, Capc Bordeaux

Marthe Elise Stramrud, Artist

Sigrid Espelien, Artist / PhD research fellow, KHiO

Apolonija Sustersic, Artist

Anawana Haloba, Artist 

Charis Gullickson, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum / UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Jumana Manna, Artist

Camilla von Køppen, Utstillingsleder / Producer

Rhea Gaardboe Dall, Director, O—Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art

Aleksander Johan Andreassen, Artist

Inga Lace, Curator

Håkon Roland, Professor, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Pernille Mercury Lindstad, Artist / Playwriter/ Director, Theater F

Jorunn Hancke Øgstad, Artist

Mike Sperlinger, Professor, KHiO

Lene Berg, Artist

Mechu Rapela, Art historian / Curator

Søssa Jørgensen, Artist

Uma Feed, Artist

Lotte Konow Lund, Artist

Susanne Winterling, Artist / Professor

Agatha Wara, Artist 

Siri Austeen, Artist

Camille Norment, Artist

Ingeborg Høvik, UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Geir Tore Holm, Artist

Elin Már Øyen Vister, Artist / Composer / Forager, Røst AiR 

Joar Nango, Artist

Marte Vold, Filmmaker

Sarah Lookofsky, Writer / Curator / Arts administrator

Guro Aae, Artist

Fredrik Svensk, Art Critic 

Edvine Larssen, Artist/ Professor at Tromsø Art Academy

Andreas Hald Oxenvad, Artist

Sanjey Sureshkumar, Artist

Guro Bruusgaard, Filmmaker

Magdalena Kotkowska, Artist 

Ina Hagen, Artist

Katya Sander, Artist / Professor

Thale Blix Fastvold, Artist / Chair, Forbundet Frie Fotografer

Inger Fure Grøtting, Kunstformidler

Daisuke Kosugi, Artist

Camilla Figenschou, Filmmaker 

Ina Otzko, Artist 

Mar Fjell, Artist

Malin Arnell, Artist

Kjetil Rydland, Former museum staff

Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas, Artist

Siri Hjorth, Artist

Thomas Østbye, Artist / Filmmaker

Leif Gaute Staurland, Artist

Helga-Marie Nordby, Curator

Sara Eliassen, Artist / PhD research fellow,  KHiO

Per Platou, Artist / Curator

Karianne Stensland, Artist

Pierre Lionel Matte, Artist

Tanja Thorjussen, Artist / Chair, Tegnerforbundet

Melanie Maja Kitti, Artist

Mariken Halle, Filmmaker

Magnus Oledal, Artist

Halvor Rønning, Artist 

Kristin Tårnes, Artist

Stian Gabrielsen, Editor, Kunstkritikk

Nora Joung, Artist

Tiina Tuulia Portti, Kulturarbeider

Kjersti Vetterstad, Artist

Georgiana Elena Miha Dobre, Dancer / Choreographer

Marthe Ramm Fortun, Artist

Petra Bauer, Artist / Head of the Department for Research and Further Education, Royal Institute of Art Stockholm 

Lasse Tjønnøy, Head of administration and finance, Norsk Luftfartsmuseum

Nicholas Jones, Director, PRAKSIS
Serina Erfjord, Artist
Helle Siljeholm, Artist / Choreographer
Hamid Waheed, Artist
Andre Gali, Art critic
Ellen Honne, Akershus universitetssykehus 
Camilla Fagerli, Artist / Curator
Rickard Borgström, Curator, DACE - Dance Art Critical Ecology
Sissel M Bergh, Artist
Tanja Sæter, Artistic director, Coast Contemporary
Andrea Conradsen, Artist / Kurant9000
Harald Beharie, Artist
Solveig Ane Kirkaune Øksendal, Artist
Geir Backe Altern, Artist
Vilde von Krogh, Artist
Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, Artist
Line Solberg Dolmen, Artist
Inger Lise Hansen, Artist / Filmmaker
Line Skywalker Karlström, Artist
Arild Tveito, Artist
Live Drønen, Independent writer
Natalie Price Hafslund, Artist
Sara Rönnbäck, Artist
Erlend Grytbakk Wold, Artist
Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde, Artist
Runa Borch Skolseg, Dramatiker / Writer
Martin Sæther, Artist
Nicholas Norton, Critic
Alexandra Tveit, Artist 
Apichaya Wanthiang, Artist
Mickael Marman, Artist
Hedda Grevle Ottesen, Curator / Artist 
Irene Snarby, Curator / UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet 
Kornelia Remø Klokk,  Artist
Michael Friedel, Psychoanalyst, private practice
Mattias Hellberg, Artist
Anja Kirschner, Artist / PhD researcher, Royal College of Art London 
Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Artist
Magnus A. H. Olsen, Artist
Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez, Artist
Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, Artist / Filmmaker
Finn Adrian Jorkjen, Artist

Magdalene Solli, Dancer
Joanna Chia-yu Lin, Artist
Magnus Mork, Filmmaker
Ayatgali Tuleubek, Artist
Lene E Westerås, Artist
Marianne Skarbøvik, Industrial designer
Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Artist
Maria Storm-Gran, Artist, Filmmaker
Tarald Johan Wassvik, Artist
Sarah Kazmi, Interdisciplinary artist 
Rickard Aall, Artist
Margareta Bergman, Artist
Montebøllo, Performing Arts collective
Anna Näumann, Artist / Writer
Sebastian Rusten, Artist
Maren Dagny Juell, Artist
Tarik Hvidsten Hindic, Artist
Arild H Eriksen, Director
Karoline Bakken Lund, Artist 
Timotheus Vermeule, Professor of Media, Culture and Society, University of Oslo
Victor Mutelekesha, Artist
Oda Emilie Skogen Ellefsen, Artist
Trond Hugo Haugen, Artist
Marie-Alix Isdahl, PhD researcher, Goldsmiths UOL
Damir Avdagic, Artist / Filmmaker / Educator, Ytre Kunstfagskole
Marius Wang, Artist /Curator/ Producer
Stephanie von Spreter, UiT The Arctic University of Norway 
Sunniva , Artist
Linn Pedersen, Artist
Marte Eknæs, Artist / PhD research fellow, KHiO 
Weronika Høkaas, Designer
Ingvild Bertelsen, Dance artist 
Silje Linge Haaland, Artist / Writer
Magdalena Adelaide Kotkowska, Artist
Fie Dam Mygind, Student
Marit Tingleff, Artist
Per Inge Bjørlo, Artist
André Tehrani, Artist
Thomas Bremerstent, Artist
Lars Trægde, Artist
Sara-Lovise Ask Ewertson, Artist
Ingrid Furre, Artist
Joel Billekvist, Artist
Inés Belli, Artist
Sam Iravanian, Artist
Thea Hvistendahl, Film director 
Petra Rahm, Artist
Marthe Sveen, Artist/ Framer/ Gallerist
John Skoog, Artist
Emilie Marie Karlsen, Dance artist 
Helle Bendixen, Architect / Scenographer
Johan Söderström, Artist
Jannik Abel, Artist 
Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård, Student, KHiO
Ingunn Rimestad, Dansekunstner
Magnus Holen Thurn, Artist
Anne Kristine Sollund, Freelance art historian, Folkeuniversitetet
Tore Hansen, Artist
Hanne Borchgrevink, Artist
Anne-Liis, Artist
Johan Urban Bergquist, Artist
Trond Lossius, Professor, The Norwegian Film School, INN
Maria Horvei , Art critic, Klassekampen
Kaja Leijon, Artist 
Mikkel Bolt, Professor, Institut for Kunst- og Kulturvidenskab, Københavns Universitet
Stan D'Haene, Artist
Eivind Kamøy, Doctor
Erin Sexton, Artist
Anne Marte Overaa, Artist
Anette Gellein, Artist
Signe Becker, Scenographer/ Artist 
Morten Andenæs, Artist
Kristina Kvalvik, Artist
Marte Danielsen Jølbo, Curator 
Emilie de Rohan Birkeland, Artist
Maria Rusinovskaya, Director, BEK - Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst
Anna Sofie Mathiasen, Artist
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen, Musician
Espen Kvålsvoll, Artist

Charlott Utzig, Artist
Albin Granaas, Fashion designer
Lise Bergmann, Gym manager
Marte Hodne Haugen, Artist
Johan Andrén, Artist / MFA student at KHiO
Kristine Halmrast, Artist
Matilde Balatti, Project coordinator, Tenthaus 
Eli Skomsø, Artist / Eduucator
Ethan Rafal, Artist / Curator / Organizer 
Mimmi Mattila, Artist
Guoste Tamulynaite, Composer / Performer
Eli Maria Lundgaard, Artist
Trond Søbstad, Art Librarian
Mohamed Mohamed, Artist 
Jasper Siverts, Artist
Kier cooke Sandvik, Artist
Annelie Nilsson, Artist
Sofie Holberg, Photographer
Ann Iren Buan, Visual artist
Martinka Bobrikova, Artist
Friedrich Floen, Artist
Roza Moshtaghi, Artist
Hanne Tyrmi, Artist
Yamile Calderon, Artist 
Lisa Torell, Artist / Professor, Tromso Academy of Arts/UiT 
Espen Klouman Høiner, Scenekunstner
Vanna Bowles, Artist
Minni Katina Mertens, Actor
Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Dancer
Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen, Artist
Torbjørn Kolbeinsen, Architect
Frida Rusnak, Director, Oslo Open 

Kaare Ruud, Artist

Lars Holdhus, Artist

Rannei Grenne, Dancer / Choreographer

Abirami Logendran, Designer

Espen Sommer Eide, Artist

Tormod Carlsen, Artist

Sara Baban, Artist

Thomas Simonsen Balmbra, Artist / Filmmaker

Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen, Art historian / Critic

Thea Kathrine Rossen, Architect

Nora Barbier, Artist

Lisa Colette Bysheim, Artist / Choreographer

Rosanna Puyol, Publisher

Hanna Asefaw, Artist

Mats Christian Rude Halvorsen, Filmmaker

Marie Ursin, Artist

Gazelle Pezeshkmehr, Artist

Ayesha Hameed, Artist / Researcher, Goldsmiths
Aksel Hauklien, Artist
Mette Edvardsen, Artist
Andreas Olavssønn Rongen, Artist
Miriam Hansen, Artist
Linn Svensson, Artist
Even Bolstad, Lektor
Paulina Stroynowska, KHiO student
Solveig Styve Holte, Artist / Phd research fellow, KHiO
Maya Øvrebø, Comics artist
Magnhild Øen Nordahl, Artist 
Simen Musæus, Artist
Alessandro Marchi, Artist
Helene Duckert, Artist, NBK
Roderick Hietbrink, Artist
Mariann Enge, Editor, Kunstkritikk 
Elin Maria Olaussen, Publisher
Jan Christensen, Artist
Catherine Anne Haanes, Graphic Designer
Maria Till, Artist
Søren Krag, Artist
Liam Monzer Alzafari, Scenographer
Nikoline Ursin Erichsen, Composer
Simona Barbera, Artist
Christian  Norum, Artist
Andreas Amble, Kunstner
Olaf Tønnesland Hodne, Artist
Cato Løland, Artist 
Jason Havneraas, Artist
Mathias Aas Stoltenberg, Dancer
Marie Gurine Askeland, Artist
Ida Olesdatter Barland, Visual artist 
Andreas Wittwer, Visual artist
Tyra Wigg, Choreographer
Lars Kristian Stramrud, Urban planner
Tiril Sofie Erdal, Student/kunstformidler
Mira Adoumier    , Filmmaker/ Artist
Samuel Brzeski, Artist
Stian Jacobsen, Kunstner
Tiril Hasselknippe, Artist
Lila Zotou, Photographer
Veronica Bruce, Artist 
Øivind Haaland, Architect
Ann-Kristin Stølan, Pamflett/Bergen Art Book Fair
Alisa Larsen, Designer / Writer
Heidi Steen Jensen, Teacher 
Gry Hege Rinaldo, Artist
Anne-Britt Rage, Kunstner
Johanne Nordby Wernø, St. Hans Kommunikasjon 
Lisa Bøen, Artica Svalbard
Åse Løvgren, Artist
Rosalind Goldberg, Choreographer 
Timothy Raison, Kunstbransjen
Solveig Lønseth, Artist
Jakub Baloun    Artist
Gull Øzger, GullBakken
Mark Walker, Artist
Bjørn Bjarre, Artist
Sara Skogøy, Artist
Vibeke harper, Student
Kaveh Tehrani, Film director
Carl Aquilizan, Dance artist
Marie Dallhund,  kultur- og miljøarbeider
Christoffer Eide, Artist
Ingrid Aarvik Berge, Artist
Hillevi Cecilia Högström, Artist
Zeynab Malekian, Artist / Curator 
Lars Sandås, Artist
Boye Leborg, Student, Design Academy Eindhoven 
Håkon Traaseth Lillegraven, Curator
Katarina Skår Lisa, Artist 
Niels Henrik Bugge, Artist
Scott Elliott, Curator / Artist / Works at Hordaland Kunstsenter 
Ida Aurora Hoiklev Ribu,Textile artist 
Geir Moseid, Teacher
Håkan Strömlid, Teacher 
Elizabeth McInnes, Gallery Director / Founder - Discordia Gallery
Ingrid Forland, Artist
Synnøve Sizou G. Wetten, Artist 
Anne-Gro Erikstad, Curator/ Project Leader, LevArt
Essia Hidoussi, Producer for diversity and inclusion
Christian hennie, Artist
Espen Iden, Artist
Bendik Syverasætre Johannessen, Artist
Kjersti Egge, Spesialkonsulent bibliotek
Martine Flor, Artist
Live Marianne Noven, Actor
Mario de la Ossa, Student, KMD UiB
Rasmus Hungnes, Critic / Artist / Curator
Stacey de Voe, Artist
Kim Uglum Reenskaug, Musician 
Ebba Moi, Artist / Tenthaus / Chair Billedhoggerforeningen 
Beate Petersen, Artist
Manuel Pelmus, Artist / PhD research fellow Fine Art Academy Oslo (Khio)
Marieke verbiesen, Bergen centre for electronic art
Rebekka Sæter, Artist / Environmental educator
Wenche Viklund, Registered Nurse div1
Ronak Moshtaghi, Artist 
Rita Coimbra, Designer, Schibsted
Hanni Kamaly, Artist
Kyrre Laastad, Musician
Ines do Cruzeiro Martins Fernandes, Social Mídia Manager 
Kim Andreas Roland Berger, Art academy student 
Louis Scherfig, Artist
Jassem Hindi, Artist 
Sandra Mujinga, Artist
Tomas Laukvik Nannestad, Musician, NMH
Roald Andersen dy, Artist
Marius Larivaara-Nærum
Gunvor Nervold Antonsen, Artist
Henriette Pedersen, Nartmanstiftelsen 
Marte Røyeng, Composer/performer
Anne Vigeland, Curator 
Madleena Larivaara-Nærum, Architect / Artist
Rina Rosenqvist, Dancer / Artist
Jens Stegger Ledaal, Artist
Toralf Willy Nørbech, Student
Terje Roalkvam, Artist
Iselin Page, Curator 
Tejaswinee Kelkar, Førsteamanuensis II UiO
Ellen Klintenberg, Curator 
Bjørn Båsen, Artist
Ragnhild Aamås
Peter Meanwell, Artistic Director / Borealis - a festival for experimental music
Mathijs van Geest, Artist / Director, Hordaland Kunstsenter
Katarina Skjønsberg, Artist / Art teacher
Jessica Williams, Artist
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien, Associate Professor in Dance, Universitetet i Stavanger
Adrian Lie Solhaug, Musican
Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard, Artist
Selma M M Salusbury
Oliver Sale, Artist
Mikael Damstuen Brkić, Artist
Ivar Sæthre, OsloMET
Monja Wiik, Film worker
Elsa Schröder, Architecture student
Kari Dyrdal, Textile Artist
Lena Klein, PhD fellow in Art History, UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet 
John Raustein, Artist
Ingrid Lønningdal, Artist / Chair, Kunstnerforbundet
Vinicius Jayme Vallorani, Artist
Carol Stampone, Writer / Artist
Matilde Westavik Gaustad, Artist
Dr. Simon Sheikh, Programme Director, MFA Curating, Goldsmiths, University of London
Gisle Frøysland, Artist
Hanne Nilsen Nygård, Artist 
Bjørn Bjarre, Artist
Veronica Diesen, Writer / Artist 
Jan Freuchen, Artist
Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse, Artist
Lona Korjenic-Hansen, Artist
Terje Roalkvam, Artist
Mai-Bente Bonnevie, Artist
Bente Sætrang, Artist
Maia Urstad, Artist
Julia Nordsjø, Film editor
Leonard Rickhard, Artist
Ingwill Gjelsvik, Artist
Patrick Shaw Iversen, Musician
Vilde Salhus Røed, Visual artist
Hasse Farmen, Musician
Michelle A.Tisdel, Social anthropologist
Christina Bruland, Artist

Oscar Lara, PhD research fellow, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Julie Lillelien Porter, Artistic director, Lydgalleriet

Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen, Artist

Andrea Lange, Artist

Daniel Vincent Hansen, Artist / Project Manager at Heimdal Kunstforening

Sara Korshøj Christensen, Artist

Kjersti Solbakken, Curator

Karl Ingar Røys, Artist / Filmmaker

Merete Joelsen Aune, Artist

Torgeir Husevaag, Artist

Rina Eide Løvaasen, Artist

Gunnhild Torgersen, Artist

Anne Marte Archer, Project manager, Atelier Kunstnerforbundet

Steinar Liverud, International sponsorship professional / Former curator

Stein Søresen, Writer

Toril Johannessen, Artist

Adrian Bugge, Artist

Sayed Sattar Hasan, Artist

Ellen Henriette Suhrke, Artist

Marthe Karen Kampen, Artist

Viktor Pedersen, Artist

Erik Dæhlin, Composer / Artist

Mari Norddahl, Artist

Calle Segelberg, Artist

Steinar Brovold Hauge, Artist

Hulda Blix, Conservator

Kristian Vistrup Madsen, Art critic

Wencke Mühleisen, Writer

Stian Eide Kluge, Artist

Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg, Artist

Daniel Slåttnes, Artist

Susanne M. Winterling, Artist / Professor of Fine Art

Dana Tomeckova, Artist

Kine Kvernbråten, Artist

Thomas Remme

Paal Herman Ims, Actor

Goro Tronsmo, Artist

Petrine Vinje, Artist / PhD research fellow, KHiO

Jennie Goldstone, Educator

Eleni Ieremia, Artist

Simen Utsigt Stenberg, Artist

Mathilde Carbel, Artist





4. Art Collaboration and Loan Agreement, dated 19 June 2017


6. Art Collaboration and Loan Agreement, dated 19 June 2017

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